Central Park

This 843-acre park with its meandering paths, tranquil lakes, ponds, and open meadows serves a very crucial role in New York City - it is the one and only escape from it all in the city and plays an important role in keeping New Yorkers sane. Throughout the year people of all ages come to enjoy horseback riding, softball, ice-skating or roller-skating, rock climbing, croquet, tennis, bird-watching, boating, chess, theatre, concerts, and more - or simply to escape from the traffic and buzz of the city. Conceived in 1857, Central Park was the first artificially landscaped park in the U.S. 

As you will notice from the amount of pictures in this section, we spent a great deal of time in Central Park - we were mesmerized by the snow covered leafless trees and grounds, as well as the many statues, ponds, lakes and more. Nicol has always been much more inspired to take pictures of nature scenes than of people or city life! Apart from that, we also felt an intense peacefulness here and could not believe that we're in one of the greatest cities of the world while walking in Central Park. 

Early morning in Central Park

These pictures were taken early-morning on the day of our arrival in Manhattan; it is the Southeast corner of Central Park. It was snowing lightly and there was enough "white" evidence of a cold previous night. We were more or less the only people crazy enough to peep outside on this Saturday morning, the streets were chilly and empty...but not for long. Soon the park would be filled with dog-walkers, runners, cyclists and ice-skaters - nothing keeps New Yorkers from their regular workout.  However, being used to sunny California, we did not last long before we went in search of a cup of coffee and hot breakfast.


Gapstow Bridge

Gapstow Bridge is a popular vantage point for the oft-photographed midtown scrapers. The first was taken early-morning on the day of our arrival- it was a very gloomy day. These three pictures were taken on our last morning in Central Park, it was a bright and sunny day, although much colder than the first. Blue skies are often deceiving in these parts of the world; peeping out on a sunny Winters day, you might exclaim, "What a nice day!!". Your first step outside is, however, quickly followed by a turnaround to grab another sweater. 


Bethesda Fountain

The following pictures were taken at the Bethesda Fountain, set on an elaborately patterned paved terrace on the edge of the lake. The fountain was dedicated in 1873 to commemorate the soldiers who died at sea during the Civil War. The statue features The Angel of the Waters rising from the center and the four figures around the fountain's base symbolize Temperance, Purity, Health and Peace.


Alice in Wonderland

This 1960 Josť de Creeft bronze sculpture is one of the park's most-beloved statues. 



The snowman we built in Central Park 

Okay, so it wasn't a very big one, but a snowman is a snowman!


Midtown Skyscrapers as seen  from Central Park

These two pictures feature the midtown skyscrapers, firstly from the Wollman Memorial ice skating rink and secondly from across the lake.


Strawberry Fields

This is the memorial to John Lennon who wrote the classic 1967 song "Strawberry Fields Forever". This garden, sometimes called the "international garden of peace", is reminiscent of the English parks of Lennon's homeland. Truly a place of peace and beauty.


The Mall and Literary Walk

The Mall is a grand, formal walkway, lined with magnificent American elms and rows of engraved benches. The Literary Walk is located at the south end of the Mall and lined with statues of authors and artists such as Robert Burns and Shakespeare. This is the largest collection of American Elms in North America. I could've sat there forever - these trees are incredibly graceful, alive and inspiring. We also encountered a saxophone player here among the various street musicians of New York


Wollman Memorial Ice Rink

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