A few of my pictures from our Road Trip to Monterey via CA Highway 1


The most beautiful mission I've been to : Santa Barbara. It might not be as old as some of the other California missions, but it is more picturesque.  It is preserved better, and more spacious, making for better photos.  However, crowds can be a problem.

Polarizer, where art thou ?


Walking through this garden at the San Luis Obispo mission, the framing of the fountain through the plants struck me.  I had my wife in stitches because of the position I had to stay crouched in to get it just right, but it was worth it.

THis little side street in Santa Barbara had a very European feel to it.  I used a 20mm lens, framing to get the flags right  above me in as well.
An old fashioned windmill in the Danish town Solvang.



This panoramic of Morro Bay is cropped from a normal 35 mm film, shot with a 20mm lens.  

The view from our hotel room, showing the volcanic Morro Rock. 

Dirkie rowing in Morro Bay.

A few rare shots of me.  One of the reasons I'm keen on photography is that I don't like being in front of the lens...

We did the road trip in celebration of our first new car, a funky little RAV4.

Dramatic coastlines on Highway 1, close to Big Sur.  The scenery reminds me a lot of the Western Cape

If you want another tourist to take a picture of you, try finding a Japanese.  They are born with cameras in hand, and tend to know basic rules of composition.  The friendly Texan might take less explaining, but your picture will end up like a mug shot.

More dramatic coastlines...

And shots of me...

This was our lodging in Pacific Grove, a lovely coastal town where it always rains.  The sun was scorching 30 minutes walk away in Monterey, but Pacific Grove was misty and cold.  It adds to the victorian charm though, as the saying goes Carmel by the sea, Monterey by the smell, and Pacific Grove by God !


Dirkie writing her journal over a cup of coffee, while I take pictures.  This is our standard method of travel, she believes the pen is mightier than shooting (film).

The famous Pebble Beach Golf course. 

An old car on Monterey Wharf. You gotta love the sun shade.

About to have dinner...

I took this shot towards Monterey, with sunshine over there, but overcast where I was standing.  I underexposed by a stop to accentuate the gloomy weather.